Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wooden guns

This was a simple wooden gun glued together with scrap pieces of wood. My son had to go for a fancy dress competition, and rather than spend time on a temporary costume, I thought I would make a more durable item.
A gun and a cap competed the costume. He is supposed to be Jim Corbett.
The wooden gun made from scrap plywood.
The costume compete with hat, gun and grin...

 Making it : The pattern was some world war II rifle.
A long thin piece of plywood on the top, with a broader piece below. Fevicol and screws from the top. A brown small drawer handle in the region of the trigger. Two small metal studs were added for the strap, made of black wire. The upper piece painted black. The lower piece just stained with walnut stain.
Wooden gun : The trigger guard made from a small door handle

Wooden gun : In slight misuse 

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  1. Great toy surely the kids enjoyed this than anything bought in a shop