Sunday, November 24, 2013

Carting wood

One of the problems I have is transporting wood. Of late i have been using my SUV to cart wood.
To do so I fold the back seats down and lean the front seat backwords. I remove the headrests. I place a thick sheet so that the wood does not scratch the upholstery. If there is a danger of the wood scratching any other area I protect that area too.
Transporting wood in the back of a jeep 
It gives me the versatility of getting lumber whenever I want to without the hassle of organizing a truck. The lumber yard is close to home, and I would not try this over a long distance. The SUV is none the worse after these trips.

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  1. I used to have a Toyota Sienna mini van. Third row would go down in making it same level as the floor. Second row seats could be easily removed by one person in a couple of minutes. Leaving a perfect 8×4 space for plywood sheets. With gear shifter on the dashboard and a colapsible console between the driver and passenger seat I could get a dozen long lumber pieces 10 feet long. All the while keeping the goods safe from theft and exposure to the elements. It different occasions I transported a 90 inch long sofa, a fullsize mattress and much more.