Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Featherboard from veneer strips

One of the safety features that I wanted to incorporate for my table saw (converted from a circular saw) was featherboards. These are boards that have a bit of flexibility that permit the movement of wood in one direction but prevent it in the opposite direction. Commercially available featherboards are made of plastic or wood as far as I know.
One method of making a featherboard is by cutting slots into a solid piece of wood using a circular saw or a jigsaw.
With a lot of veneer strips I tried to make it out of veneer.
Cut the veneer  into one inch thick strips. This long one inch strip is then cut into many pieces of equal length. Make two lengths. One set of long strips and one set of short strips. The difference between the long and short strips will determine the flexibility of the strips. The more the difference the more the flexibility.
Two sets of veneer strips of differing lenghts
Stick the veneer alternating with one long strip and one short strip such that it makes a slant of about 45 degrees. The tip will be appear to be step like pattern. Stick them with glue (fevicol) and clamp until dried.

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Once the glue has dried, cut the tips with a table saw to make  a smooth edge. 
The final trimmed feather board
I have not fixed the feather board as yet as I am yet to make my saw table. But in principle this works. I will have to rout out a groove on the board for easy clamping.
On retrospect I would have made the featherboard in the picture a little longer so that the base could have a longer groove. IT would also be easier to clamp. I will have to firmly fix this on some other piece of wood to extend its length. The next feather board would be after I have planned the saw table.


  1. Nice work. Just put it between two slightly larger pieces
    of larger wood notched to accommodate the feather board and glue it up you will have a larger feather board.

  2. Thanks Kittu. That's a good Idea. I was thinking of one piece, but two will be far better.

  3. Good DIY effort and well-written!