Monday, June 29, 2015

Quick wooden dice

A group of our community health doctors was planning some activities for the tribal children in Javadhi hills. One of the activities involved an outdoor game that required dice. This had to be visible and had to be large.
I made this from a cuboidal beam of neem wood. I cut it out with a jigsaw to get rough cut cubes. This was then sanded down using a belt sander. The edges rounded with a router and the holes drilled with a drill press.
It was left unfinished as it was going to be thrown a lot on the ground.
It was quite useful in the field.

Cuboidal block of neem wood 
The humble jig saw used to cut the wood. Humble because this is possibly the cheapest power tool to own. 
Rough cut blocks

Smoothened blocks
edges rounded with a round over bit
Finished blocks ready for shipping
Beta testing

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  1. Really appreciable one. Very impressive making of the dice with wooden thing. It is very easy to play for the children also. Thanks for sharing this helpful post.

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