Friday, January 23, 2015

Lumber storage Cart

I have a lot of wood that makes my room very messy. I saw Steve Ramsey's lumber storage cart and wanted to build something similar.

The partitions were made from 18 mm plywood. I used a bit of 12 mm MDF for the main partition. I added wheels underneath.

The partitions made from 18 mm plywood

Lumber cart in progress

Wheels underneath. Should have used heavier duty ones

Finished lumber storage cart

Finished lumber storage cart
The finished cart really holds a lot of wood. However it is too heavy for the wheels. I have to upgrade it to heavier duty wheels. This has really helped organization of the workshop.


  1. Good one Vinay. Very useful project for a workshop. I also need one for my shop. Good design and construction. It will look very cool if you could paint it in red or orange.

    1. Thanks Kishore. I did not think of painting it as I thought paint would get on to the stored wood. But I think I will paint the outside that will not come into contact with the wood.

  2. Like the curves on the partitions. Didn't realize the cart has storage on both sides. Extremely useful organizer.

  3. Thanks Sridhar. Yes it stores a lot of wood. However if the main partition is sloping, then the large plywood sheets will automatically slant